Client Contributor

  • Calendar, Workflow and Analytics views available to this user
  • Ability to create new events and posts
  • Ability to view any event or post that the contributor is assigned to in the Ideas, Client Approval or Scheduled workflow state. 
  • Can edit/duplicate/delete on posts in the Ideas column and can comment on posts in any viewable state. 
  • Posts cannot be moved on the Workflow. 
  • Contributors can assign/remove any client user to an event or post that he/she creates.
  • Creating or updating a post (copy, image, date, etc.) automatically assigns you to that post.

*Note: If a contributor removes himself or herself from an event or post they will no longer see the event/post unless someone else reassigns them to that event/post.

App Descriptions:

Publishing: Users are able to create events and posts and includes both the Calendar and Workflow view.
Inbox: Only available to brand roles, direct messages and user comments come in to a central location.
Monitor: Only available to brand roles, track social channel walls, direct message and search streams.
Analytics: View top posts, follower count and more from the social networks you have attached to GroundSpark.
Administration: Ability to add, delete or update any user, account, or integration for the brand. (Only available to Client Managers)

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