The Workflow is the process a post goes through before getting published on the specified channel(s). 

Ideas Column - Create a new post or idea for the team to develop.

  1. On the Ideas column, click on plus sign (+).
  2. Update any/all of the following information: Social Account(s), Copy, Image, Tags, Date and Event. 
  3. Click Save.

-- Once the team begins to work on an idea the post will disappear from the columns until it is ready for review when it will appear in the Client Approval column. --

Client Approval Column - Approve content to be published by dragging the post to the scheduled column (need to be a Client Admin) and review content by making a comment if anything (date, image, copy, etc.) needs updated or to click approve as a Client Editor. 

Scheduled Column - All approved content will be displayed in this column until it is published. 

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