Assignments are used to indicate a post/event that needs action or is of importance to a certain user. Assignments do not send email notifications, only an @mention will let the user know feedback is needed immediately. Assignments allow Client/Contributor roles to create and participate in assigned ideas. 

You will be automatically assigned to a post if you create, change any information on the post, move the post to a different workflow state, of if a user clicks to assign you through the assignments button. (@mentions do not assign a user)

To add/remove yourself or another collaborator from a post follow the following instructions: 

  1. Open the post that you want to add/remove a user.
  2. Click the Assignments located at the top of the discussion field.
  3. Select users from the drop-down list. 

Once you have been assigned to a post you can filter content on the Workflow by your User name. Contributors are displayed their assigned content by default. 

Your daily, latest activity email from GroundSpark will feature all posts that you are currently assigned on. 

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