Inbox is a centralized location to help quickly take care of customers reaching out to your brand. Each time a customer reaches out a ticket will be created. You are able to respond directly to the user from this ticket as well as update their customer profile information or have an internal message with a team member about the ticket. 

Inbox currently supports the following:
 - Facebook: Direct Messages, User Wall Posts and Comments on Brand Posts
 - Instagram: Comments on Brand Posts
 - Twitter: Direct Messages, @mentions/replies

Tickets can be in the following Inboxes/Scopes:

Inbound - When a customer reaches out to the social accounts via a wall post/@mention, comment on a post or a direct message it will first appear in Inbound.

Open - Ticket that someone has engaged with by either sending a response or assigning the ticket to a user. 

Closed - Tickets that have been closed/finalized.

Ignored - These are Tickets that a user has chosen to ignore so they will not reopen unless the customer reaches out again.

Assigned - All tickets that are currently assigned to you in the Open Inbox.

Snoozed - All Tickets that have been set for a future time to repopulate in the Open tab at the set date and time.

User Scope - View all Tickets from the current user.

Actions on the Ticket:

Public Conversations - Click the chat icon to view the full conversation, click again to view current conversation.

Ignore - Click the not allowed icon to move a Ticket to Ignored.

Snooze - Click the stopwatch icon to set a future date and time to have the ticket reopen.

Assignments - Click the two people to view current Ticket assignments and to assign or remove an assignment from the Ticket. If a user is assigned to a Ticket they will receive an in app notification as well as an email.

Inbox State - Click on the current Inbox State in the top right corner to move the Ticket into a different Inbox.

User Profile - In the top right corner the user's information will be displayed. This will include how many Tickets they currently have and in which Inbox states they are located. It will also include the amount of Followers on Twitter. If you click the pencil in the top corner you will be able to add/edit user information including their name, email, phone number and location. In addition you will be able to leave any internal notes about the user. 

Internal Discussions - In the bottom right corner you can have internal team discussions in regards to any specific Ticket. Clicking "show system activity" will display when a Ticket has been moved to a different Inbox as well as when and who replied to a user.

Collision detection - Inbox will also alert you when another user is viewing the same ticket as well as if they are already writing a response to that user.

Canned Responses - If you frequently use some of the same responses you can click on the bookmark icon in the chat reply to create and save responses.

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