Tickets can be in the following Inboxes:

Inbound - When a customer reaches out to the social accounts via a wall post/@mention, comment on a post or a direct message it will first appear in Inbound.

Open - Ticket that someone has engaged with by either sending a response or assigning the ticket to a user. 

Closed - Tickets that have been closed/finalized.

Ignored - These are Tickets that a user has chosen to ignore so they will not reopen unless the customer reaches out again.

Assigned - All tickets that are currently assigned to you in the Open Inbox.

Snoozed - All Tickets that have been set for a future time to repopulate in the Open tab at the set date and time.

To change a Ticket's state:

  1. Select a Ticket.
  2. In the top right, of the middle column, you will see the current state that Ticket is in.
  3. Click the current state and select from Inbound, Open, Closed or Ignored.

    *To Snooze a Ticket click on the stopwatch (two icons to the left of the current Ticket state). A Ticket will appear in Assigned if you reply to the customer or assign the Ticket to yourself (one icon to the left of the current Ticket state).

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